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The extensions that you can see on this website are developed by the ConfigBOX team, a Internet services provider specialized in hosting and domains.

In our servers we use Plesk control panels because they are possibly the most intuitive and versatile ones in the market and they are an element of value for our customers since it allows them a comfortable and efficient management of any aspect of their hosting.

However, the needs of some of our clients have led us to develop some extensions to add functionalities that can be very useful.

On this website we present them. If they are of your interest you can buy them and install them directly from the Plesk control panel.

Our Plesk extensions

Statistics and usage manager

A Plesk extension to manage massively and comfortably the quotas and the spam filters of the mailboxes.

Adjust massive mailbox

A Plesk extension to manage massively and comfortably the quotas and the spam filters of the mailboxes.


A simple extension for Plesk that allows subscribers to block or give access to ips determinads to FTP accounts.

Deny-country (Country and bot blocker for Plesk)

This extension will allow you to block access to entire countries to any website or only to certain files. You can also…


A simple extension for Plesk that will give you more control and information about your server's mail logs.


We offer you answers to the most frequently asked questions of the 2 extensions we currently have in the Plesk library.
The Blocking extension
You can block access to your website from entire countries by easily selecting them from a selector. You can also block those bots or crawlers that you do not want to access your hosting.
Yes, of course, in fact when doing any blocking you can mark the option of creating a copy of your current .htaccess file so that you can then restore it and in a single click leave it back as it was. Of course you can also unlock those countries or bots that you no longer want to block through the selectors.
It is not complicated, but you need to have basic knowledge of sysadmin to be able to install the 2 modules to make the extension work ok (mod_geoip and maxmind database) and make a small change in the logs system). But don't worry we will give you a comprensive manual.
You can block in each subscription of your control panel those countries and bots that you do not want to access to your website, thus being able to increase your security, avoid comment spam, unwanted records etc. and avoid the use of traffic when there are massive queries from third countries such as Turkey, China or Brazil.
Mail logs extension
Podrás bloquear el acceso a tu web desde paises completos seleccionándolos fácilmente desde un selector. También podrás bloquear aquellos bots o crawlers que no deseas que accedan a tu hosting
Si, por supuesto, de hecho al realizar cualquier bloqueo puedes marcar la opción de crear una copia de tu actual archivo .htaccess de manera que luego puedes restaurarla y en un solo click volver a dejarlo todo como estaba. Por supuesto también puedes desbloquear aquellos paises o bots que ya no quieras bloquear a través de los selectores.
No es complicada, pero si que neceistas unos conocimientos básicos de sysadmin para poder instalar los 2 módulos que necesitarás para que funcione correctamente ((mod_geoip y base de datos de maxmind) y hacer un pequeño cambio en el sistema de logs. (Por supuesto te facilitaremos las instrucciones de como hacerlo)
Podrás en cada suscripcion, bloquear aquellos países y bots que no deseas que accedan an tu web, pudiendo de esta manera aumentar tu seguridad, evitar spam de comentarios, registros indeseados etc y evitar el consumo de tráfico o bajada de redimiento cuando hay consultas masivas desde pasises terceros como turkia, china o brasil.
It allows you either block FTP access of a subscription or allow only certain ips to access by ftp.
Simply to give more security to your web hosting and that its content cannot be accessed by ftp or only from certain ip addresses.
Of course, you can do it from the extension itself at any time .

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