Statistics and usage manager

Extension Functions

This extension allows Plesk subscription owners to recalculate statistics for a subscription (if accessed from the same subscription) or multiple subscriptions at the same time if accessed from the existing button on the client / reseller / admin.

Using this:

  • The user may be able at any time to recalculate the used disc space and update the usage statistics of one or more subscriptions
  • Admin can hide massive change section for clients / reseller
  • It can be ordered by traffic or space consumption (from lowest to highest or vice versa)

It is a really practical extension that allows users to update the use of hosting resources at any time without having to wait for the control panel to recalculate when scheduled and allows users to update these statistics by them selves when needed.


To use the extension on your Plesk control panel you will need:

  • That your server run under Linux O.S.
  • That the version of Plesk of your server is 17.8 or higher.


Installation is very simple. Simply access the Plesk control panel, go to “Extensions” and there search for “Statistics and usage manager”, install it and you will directly have the option enabled in each of the subscriptions.


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