Adjust massive mailbox

Extension Functions

This Plesk extension will allow subscription owners to manage their mailboxes more efficiently in relation to spam filters and disk quotas when there are many mailboxes created. This extension will help you avoiding the tedious action of having to go adjusting them one by one.

Using this extension the user can:

  • Massively adjust the antispam filter of all accounts: score, enable / disable and filter type.
  • Massively adjust disk quotas for mailboxes. From one to all of them in only one action.

It is a really practical extension if You have a lot of mailboxes created so in a couple of clicks You can change the settings of the spam filters or the disk quotas at the same time without having to do them one by one with the consequent comfort and saving of time.


To use the extension on your Plesk control panel you will need:

  • That your server run under Linux O.S.
  • That the version of Plesk of your server is 17.8 or higher.


Installation is very simple. Simply access the Plesk control panel, go to “Extensions” and there search for “Adjust massive mailbox”, install it and you will directly have the option enabled in each of the subscriptions.


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